Europe is an amazing continent with such a vibrant history and so much to see. Whether you want to have breakfast in London and watch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower, or enjoy the Alps and the Mediterranean, the train will get you there. It’s easy, relaxing and extremely convenient. Here are our reasons for traveling Europe by train:

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1. Easy Access: Nearly every city has a train station and most of them have trains multiple times a day. If you’re traveling around in-country, the trains run hourly, if not more often.

2. Practical: With European rail travel, check-in means getting on the train. No need to arrive hours in advance, walk through a metal detector or pack less than 3oz of liquid.

3. Freedom: Sit back and relax, walk around the train a bit or stare out the window to beautiful views. There is no seatbelt preventing you from moving about and you can listen to electronics the entire journey!

4. Environmentally Friendly: When you choose to travel by train through Europe, you choose a mode of transportation that pollutes far less than others.

5. Centrally Located: One of the best things about European rail travel is the great location of the train stations. Major train stations are right in the center of town with shops, restaurants and hotels right at the doorstep. Also, most stations have access to local transportation such as subways and busses so getting to your final destination is a breeze!

6. Great Views: You see so much more than traffic on the highway or clouds. From the lakes and mountains of Switzerland and the big cities of Italy, to the countryside of France and the beaches of Spain, you see more while riding the train. And if you see something you like, you have the flexibility to get off the train!

7. No Hassle at Borders:  When traveling through Schengen countries, you won’t have to go through security checks at the border.

8. Meeting People: The best place to get recommendations for a new city to visit or a restaurant is by talking to new found friends on the train. There are tons of locals and travelers alike, so you’re bound to get some great tips.

9. Bring your Baggage: Unlike flying, you don’t have to pay for you baggage nor is there a bag limit. Trains have overhad racks for luggage as well as a luggage area in each train car.

10. Just Like Home: Most trains offer electrical outlets so you can watch a movie on your iPad without running down the battery. There is also a food cart that serves everything from dinner and drinks to candy and snacks. Some trains even come with complimentary meals!

Choose European rail travel with any of our rail passes. Discover Europe using the most modern, safe and budget-friendly means of transportation possible.

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