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Tour style – Sailing/Cruising, Active & Adrenaline, Chill out & Beach

8 days

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast boasts the best WOW places you could ever imagine. From the resurrected palaces of great empires, to eye opening wonders of nature, this adventure encompasses the best of Turkey. You’ll taste the history, drink in all its past glory and when it’s done, dip your toe in the Mediterranean’s soothing waters. Combine this trip with our Sail Turkey or Turkey Cappadocia Adventure leaving Fethiye Saturday.
  • Itinerary

    Day 1: Istanbul to Gallipoli An early start takes us out of Istanbul and on to Gallipoli. The region is synonymous with the famous ANZACs who fought their way into history. Our trip takes you on a comprehensive tour around the peninsula visiting all the sights and museums that depict the battle back in 1915. After the moving experience of the afternoon, well kick back with our Turkish friends for an evening barbeque to round off a moving first day
    Day 2: Gallipoli to Ephesus Throughout this journey, you will definitely get the feeling that Turkey is one of the best open air museums in the world! Today is full of historic marvels and mementos, such as Troy, where Achilles battled the Trojans in Homers Iliad, Pergamum and its staggering remains of the once famous Anatolian kingdom To top off the day, we finish in Ephesus at our Aegean oasis. 
    Day 3: Ephesus Ephesus is home, to extensive remains of an ancient Roman city. We recommend you attack the sights early, such as the 25,000 seater coliseum or the Curetes way which is incredibly impressive. After a historic day of ancient sights, we return to our oasis for some relaxing around the pool and enjoy great Turkish food well into the balmy night.
    Day 4: Ephesus to Saklikent Gorge We depart our Turkish oasis and head inland to Pamukkale, the fascinating spa town of white calcium pools, healing waters and glowing white travertines that wind down the hill. We’ll visit the historic site before heading south to Saklikent Gorge and our treehouse escape. 
    Day 5: Saklikent Gorge to Fethiye You’ll wake up to a burst of nature atop the tree line in your own little treehouse. Saklikent Gorge is a deliciously cool refuge on a hot summer’s day. Grab an inner tube and paddle your way down the crystal clear Xanthos river before being immersed in a bath of mud. We’ll spend the morning wallowing in the cool natural environment of the gorge before setting off to the coast and Busabout’s 3 night 12 islands sail. On arrival in Fethiye, we’ll show you the medina, then its out into the pristine traquil waters of the Med on board our gulet. Our first night is spend around the 12 island.  
    Day 6: Aegean Sail Today, we cruise to the Yassica Islands. These tiny little islands don’t have individual names. They are so small that no one has named them. The biggest one has a sandy beach and there is a small pool cape off the lagoon. We will then cruise to the tranquil area of Gocek Islands where we can swim, snorkel or just soak up some sun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A last swim at Red Island and overnight in Samanlik Bay.
    Day 7: Aegean Sail After breakfast we depart for Cleopatra’s Baths (Hamam Bay). Enjoy a swim in the ancient ruins of these Roman Baths. We then cruise to Sarsala Bay, a striking pine-surrounded cove. It is also a convenient starting point for a 45-minute hike to ancient Lissa, notable mostly for inscribed walls dating from the 3rd Century BC. Bedri Rahmi Bay is our next stop, named after one of the first ‘Blue Cruisers’ who painted here. Jump in the clear water or explore the island.  We have dinner here before arriving into Fethiye for our final night onboard. 
    Day 8: To Fethiye Check out at 9am and jump straight onto our Cappadicia adventure 

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