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Tour style – Active & Adrenaline, Culture & History, Chill out & Beach

14 days

Hanoi, Mai Chau, Phong Nha Ke Bang, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat & Ho Chi Minh City
Thailand gets a lot of the limelight. Paparazzi are obsessed by its bountiful beaches, spectacular food, and pretty people. But guess what. Its neighbourly companion, Vietnam, isn’t jealous at all. Happy knowing they have their own wonderful and unique talents. Aromatic fresh food, beaches to rival anywhere in the world, golden temples, colourful satins and bustling markets.  On this epic trip we do more than just explore Vietnam; we live Vietnam. We go to amazing rural areas,  do party beaches, go up, down, left , right, east, under and all around.
  • Itinerary

    Day 1: Hanoi We meet at 18.00pm for a welcome meet and greet. After this we’ll step out into this mesmerising city. The first things you’ll notice is the vehicles of all shapes and sizes tirelessly whizzing by. The theory of crossing the road is simple. No sudden movement. Walk at a steady pace. The vehicles will avoid you! Crazy, beautiful and hectic, a day in Hanoi is never dull.
    Day 2: Hanoi You wake with a smile today. There’s so much to do. You can escape the city and journey along a tranquil river through limestone karst, visit the famous perfume Pagoda, or just roam the city, wrestle with the motorbikes, and visit some pretty fascinating museums. This evening is yours to do as you please. 
    Day 3: Hanoi to Mai Chau Check out after breakfast. In a few hours’ time you’ll have forgotten all the bustle of the city and find yourself in an idyllic rural setting. All the whirring engines and concrete slabs are replaced by lush valleys populated by paddy fields, birdsong and water streams. After lunch grab a bike and head out with your Guide and explore this memorable landscape. Tonight we enjoy a local dinner and overnight in a lovely traditional stilt house. 
    Day 4: Mai Chau to Phong Nha Ke Bang We leave early and embark on full day of travelling. Just sit back and enjoy watching this colourful world go by. We head off the beaten track to the Phong Nh Ke Bang National Park. A Unesco World Heritage Site, that includes all the best bits of geography. Huge sandstone caves, coastal beauty and a lush jungle. We arrive in time for a bit of exploration and a sunset over dinner and drinks. 
    Day 5: Phong Nha Ke Bang  A whole day to explore this geological paradise. One day this will become a huge tourist attraction, so enjoy the peace while you can (you get to say you were there before it was cool!). The main attraction of this incredible place is the world’s longest river cave, and the world’s biggest cave. So do some caving, feel the rocks, see the shimmering reflections and return for a great local feast in the evening. 
    Day 6: Phong Nha Ke Bang to Hoi An Up at dawn, but with good reason. Today we’re going to the historic town of Hue. This was once the capital of Vietnam and it’s easy to understand why. We go on a guided tour jam packed with pagoda, palaces and tombs. It’s a great chance to learn about Vietnam’s culture and history from the ancient past right up to the present century. We leave late in the afternoon and arrive in the charming Hoi An.
    Day 7: Hoi An Calm, serene and magical. One of the most well preserved traditional little towns in South East Asia. Quirky coffee shops, fantastic markets and fresh traditional cuisine. Watch the people go by and explore this mesmerising maze as much as you can! If you get bored here, then there’s something wrong with your eyes! In the evening there’s a great bar scene and some floating candles down by the riverside for you to enjoy.
    Day 8: Hoi An to Nha  Breakfast is included before our drive to Nha Trang. On the way we stop at a local café for some lunch and refreshments. We arrive at Nha Trang in time for an orientation walk and dinner at a local restaurant. This is a pretty large and tourist friendly beach paradise and a great place to enjoy some beachside cocktails in the evening.
    Day 9: Nha Trang A beach destination with all the mod-cons. Every water activity imaginable is here; watersports, scuba diving, sunbaking, boat cruises…everything. It’s a crowded beach full of sun-slaves, but don’t worry if that’s not your thing. Just have a chat with your Guide, and they’ll tell you how to get to the mud baths, waterfall or some more secluded beaches. 
    Day 10: Nha Trang to Dalat Say hello to the wilderness. After breakfast we head to the mountains. The temperature is nice and cool there, which is perfect for all the adventurous activities you’re going to do. Mountain biking, canyoning, swimming, this is the place to get physical.
    Day 11: Dalat Good morning! And welcome back to the thrills of your youth. Immerse yourself in this natural playground and explore the lakes and waterfalls. You’re likely to have booked an adventure for today, so go with it and do it with all your adventurous might!  The evening is free for you to enjoy some of the regional delicacies. 
    Day 12: Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City After breakfast we head to the famous Ho Chi Minh City (formally known as Saigon). On arrival your senses will be completely bombarded. From the techno populated buildings to the old whirring motorbikes, this city will hit you hard. By evening you’ll have completely forgotten about this morning’s beautiful natural setting and probably be dancing your socks-off in some random mega-club! 
    Day 13: Ho Chi Minh City Today is yours to explore. Watch a ceremony at the multicultural temple, visit the palace, check out the pagodas, go to the cu chi tunnels. Perhaps back to the mega-clubs tonight! This is your last day of the tour unless you decided to come on our optional Mekong trip. 
    Day 14: Ho Chi Minh City

    Tour finishes after breakfast

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