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Tour style – Local Living

14 days

After a few days of volunteering orientation, you’ll be provided with a day-to-day plan for your project, along with supporting resources. You will help with the lunch time meals, sing songs with the children and play games with them. All of these activities will ensure that the children are learning and developing in the funnest way!

A weekend trip to Chitwan and Pokara is included.

SPECIAL OFFER: Book min 3 weeks and longer and get one week extension free ! Now for bookings until 28 February with arrival before 30 June 2015

  • Volunteering Project Details

    This exciting travel program is based on a unique volunteer and optional travel combination concept where volunteers will provide valuable help in a needy community while travelling and relaxing at the same time!

    Interacting with the local community and participating in the life of the people is an enriching travel experience making it much more memorable and rewarding. Stay in a typical Nepali Volunteer house replete with modern amenities and just immerse in the cultural journey in the heart of Nepal in the capital of Kathmandu.

    Volunteers bring enthusiasm and excitement to the young children and provide tangible incentives for mothers to make use of the facilities.
    Creative games, activities, and craft works are carried out to better educate the children and develop their mind-body coordination skills. Volunteers also develop relationships with mothers and their families, making regular visits and encouraging use of the day care centre.

    The impact of volunteers placed at these centres extends far beyond only the scope of the young children and mothers. Very often, older siblings are prohibited from attending school as they are made to care for their younger siblings while their parents work. As volunteers expand the influence of day care centres through increased enrollment of younger siblings, the older siblings are immediately freed of supervision and allowed to regularly attend school. Through this process, volunteers placed at day care centres help enhance one of a rural community’s most integral social institutions, setting the stage for comprehensive community development.

  • Day 1

    On arrival at Kathmandu airport, keep your eyes peeled for the beaming IDEX paging board accompanied by your bubbly tour leader who will transfer you to your accommodation at the IDEX camp in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2

    After an early breakfast, take part in a friendly and interesting welcome meeting, which will provide a load of interesting information about Nepal, its culture, do’s & don’t while in country stay. Sessions on How to do Volunteer Work, Personal Safety Code of Conduct will be organized. Post the tea break you will be having Napalese tutorial classes’ introduction will also be given. After the evening tea break, a “Henna” (Indian Tattoo) workshop will be organized. Have your dinner at night and sleep tight.

  • Day 3

    The day starts with getting ready for Yoga Classes followed by Yoga sessions. After the Yoga sessions, you take your breakfast at the common cafeteria. Then there will be workshops on Napalese dressing. After your lunch, you will get the Napalese Tutorial classes – Conversation. After the tea break there will be exciting sessions for Nepalese Folk dance classes. You will have free time during the evening to mix up with our fellow Volunteers. The day ends with dinner.

  • Day 4

    After the Yoga class sessions & breakfast, a cooking workshop is organized. You will also have some free time for your own activities till lunch. After lunch you will go out for a local sightseeing trip, followed by dinner at a local host family which helps you understand the Nepalese culture and values. After dinner return to the Idex camp & relax.

  • Day 5

    The day again starts with a Yoga session and then Breakfast. After breakfast, you will go to the Project work areas visit where you will work in the next week. Return to the camp and enjoy a 3 hours of ‘Bollywood Movie Show”. The day ends with dinner.

  • Day 6

    After breakfast, you will leave for your weekend trip to Chitwan. Watching the one horned Rhino on an elephant safari is something you don’t get to see at many places in the world. Chitwan boasts of the finest preservation efforts jointly by Indian and Nepalese government. More than 50 species of animals and around 450 species of birds have been identified in this beautiful forestland. It is well connected with Kathmandu by road.

  • Day 7

    Return to your Camp after enjoying the weekend. Relax at the camp and gear up for the Volunteer Work in the Project Areas.

  • Day 8 – 12

    Move to your Volunteer Project work areas and do some Volunteering work. Come back to the Camp for Lunch. Plan & prepare for the next day. Evenings are free to relax & have your own time.

  • Day 13

    After Breakfast at the Camp, you are transferred to Pokhara for a weekend Excursion. A one night two day weekend excursion to Pokhara, the hill resort of Nepal, 280 km west of Kathmandu is the picturesque town of Pokhara. Pokhara has everything a traveller would want. Buddhist sites, water sports, adventure sports, leisure sites, history, natural wonders, wildlife and what not. It is a must visit when in Nepal.

  • Day 14

    You come back to the Idex Camp and transferred to Kathmandu Airport for a flight back home.

  • How you will make a difference

    STA`s partner organisation Idex was launched in 1999 with the intention to provide tourism and volunteering benefits to international travellers, while supporting various organizations for social development programs in India and Nepal.

    Over the years, Idex has become the regional leader in volunteering, travel and cultural exchange, internships and high school exchange programs in India and Nepal.
    Since then, Idex has grown strength to strength and now caters to a variety of youth travel requirements. To top it all, multidimensional activities as various parts of its programs support needy communities and contribute in social development.

    Your travel program is based on the volunteer and travel combination concept where you are able to volunteer in a needy community while traveling and relaxing at the same time.

    For almost a century, tourists have always planned their travel around heritage monuments, beautiful cities, beaches or wildlife. These days, the tourists are also keen to interact with the local community and participate in the life of the people thus enriching their travel experience and making it more memorable and rewarding. Since volunteering also brings inner satisfaction and immediate gratification, it enhances the value of your vacation. So, when you come to Nepal, be prepared to volunteer, explore, travel, relax and immerse yourself in the local culture.

    You can help the community by:
    Volunteers participate in educational enhancement for students of local communities specifically in the areas of English, Math and creativity enhancement:

    *Computer training: Volunteers can make use of the well tested and developed modules of imparting basic computer skills to enthusiastic local girls and women.

    *English classes: Volunteers, with their involvement in teaching English to local women can help the project achieve a multitude of objectives like empowerment and increasing employability.

    *Vocational Training: Volunteers can engage with a group of young girls and teach them a certain vocational skill that might be helpful for them to earn their own living.

    There is always an element of care and empowerment evident in our volunteering activities. A variety of areas is covered in this volunteering and provides a wholesome view of the deprived or weaker segment of the society.

    By working with the communities, you make a noticeable difference in the lives of people you have worked with. Your work with the women and children in the community helps them in motivating them towards the value of Education, building their overall confidence, leading a better and healthy life. You will surely see them transforming into better individuals by your work and also the work done by the earlier Volunteers and the fellow members in your group.

    This results in your overall sense of achievement of making difference in the life of so many people in need.

    Where does the money paid by you is spent:
    On services that you avail, like your accommodation, food, transportation, trips, airport pickups, intercity travel, weekend excursions (if included), workshops, some materials that you use, for people who support you.

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