So you’ve been to Paris a couple of times and think you know France. Well think again! It’s time for you to make like a bird and head south to some warmer climates, let’s say salut! to the South of France. Home of the celebrities, beautiful scenery and the best food & wine you’ll ever taste, the South of France c’est magnifique. Here’s why…

Alors en route!



Looking for the perfect combination of waves and good food? Ask any French person and they will point you in the direction of… Biarritz! Located in the South West of France, with its long sandy beaches, rocky islands and epic waves, Biarritz is the country’s favourite surf spot. Head down during the 27-31 July to enjoy 5 days of the Bayonne festival! Every year this festival attracts thousands of people excited to enjoy street performers, traditional dances and spectacular fireworks. Join the crowd, put on your white t-shirt, red neckerchief and get ready to dance.  Along with music, this festival is a foodies dream, local producers sell their tasty treats on the street, you’ll find everything from cheese to dried meat and wine freshly produced.

FYI: Make sure you check out the omelet making competition.


Marseille, the capital of Provence is a culinary treasure. While strolling along the Vieux Port try Marseille’s most iconic dish: “La Bouillabaisse”, a typical French soup with fish. Not a fan of fish? No worries, Marseille is also known for its amazing pizza! South East France has long ties with Italy and therefore its recipes. Walk around “Le Panier”, one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods and live like a local. Enjoy a pastis “en terrasse”, the traditional drink while playing a game of petanque with some of Marseille’s finest residents. Step outside of the Marseille to discover the magnificent calanques or how about renting a car for the day and driving along the route des Cretes for breathtaking views of Provence.

3. St Tropez

St Tropez is often associated with celebrities and known for its vibrant nightlife, but suprisingly it’s actually a very tranquil place. It’s definitely worth visiting a little off-season, avoide the crowds but still get the best of the weather in June or September. When in St Tropez it goes without saying that you need to start your day with a coffee at Le Senequier, the most iconic restaurant of the city. Then enjoy a sumptuous afternoon strolling around the streets of the old town and where you can buy yourself a panama hat – like a true Tropezien!

Voila! There you have it 3 fantastic cities to explore in the South of France. So what are you waiting for?

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