In honour of it being Australia Day, we thought we would acknowledge just how lucky Australian’s are and let our counterparts have the spotlight!

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Here are our top 10 things they miss most about Australia when they are away from home exploring the world.

1. Our home is gurt by sea, and we love it!


2. We would smear ourselves in Vegemite if we could!

Image source: BuzzFeed


3. Our night sky can put on one amazing light show

Image source: Bureau Of Meteorology


4. Best barista’s of the world originate from here.

au blog 4


5. Our weather maybe bi-polar but we would never change it.

au blog 5


6. Our Aussie wildlife is sometimes too hilarious for their own good.

Image source: Tourism Queensland


7. The quality of fresh produce is the best in the world!


8. There’s only one biscuit you can dunk

Image source: Google


9. Having random “public holidays”

au blog 9


10. Having the Hottest 100 blaring out your stezza

Image source: Daily Telegraph




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