Who’s feeling hungry? Yeah? Me too! Luckily for you travel blogger and ultimate foodie Lucy Smith is here to give us the lowdown on the tastiest bites from around the globe. Sink your teeth into this…

Experiencing new cultures and cuisines is a huge part of traveling the globe. With each new country there is a wealth of delicious street foods, sit-down meals and quirky treats to try!

There is nothing quite like tasting a new dish for the first time. Your senses rejoice at the arrival of interesting, unusual smells and tastes of ingredients you may never have heard of, let alone know how to pronounce!

Below is a list of 10 of the tastiest foods to dig into. So whether you’re a fan of fine cuisine, dabble in delicious dining or just a gluttonous gobbler of glorious grub, your adventures wouldn’t be complete without trying these…

1. Burgers – Fergburger – Queenstown, New Zealand

This has to be the best burger joint in the world. With a line winding down the street, cool branded merch and a cult following to prove it, Fergburger dishes up delicious giant burgers with every filling you could dream of. You’ll never find another like it!

2. Traditional Vietnamese – Huong Lai, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sweet, salty, hot and sour, Vietnamese is a cuisine on the rise after a recent surge in popularity. If you’re looking for a taste of real traditional Vietnamese food you need to venture off the beaten path and head to Huong Lai. This restaurant serves up an extensive list of exciting dishes to hungry locals on the daily. You’re in for a treat.

3. Tdelnik – Prague Streets – Czech Republic

Potentially one of the tastiest and most Instagrammable sweet treats in the world, Trdelnik’s are everywhere in Prague. Although, this dessert is originally of Slovak-Hungarian descent, Prague knows how to cook up the best. A cross between doughnut and crispy pastry, a Trdelnik is served hot, rolled in cinnamon sugar and crammed with fillings of your choice. Try the hot melted chocolate with vanilla ice cream or fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

4. Deep Dish Pizza – Gino’s East – Chicago, USA

A melted cheesy delight, Chicago pizza pies are a dream come true. These deep dish pizzas are made with fluffy dough from a secret recipe, with the traditional topping order reversed. Mounds of mozzarella are laid down first and then smothered with a tangy tomato sauce and endless toppings. With fifty years of experience Gino’s East throws the greatest pizza party in the world!

5. Brunch – Chapter – Cardiff, Wales

What do you get when you combine great coffee, a cool arts venue and one of the tastiest breakfast menus on earth? The answer is Chapter. It’s here that you’ll find quality local ingredients, Welsh inspired dishes and perfectly cooked eggs. Order the smashed avocado with sweetcorn fritters and chili lime jam to start your day right.

6. Doughnuts – Bread Ahead Bakery – London, England

The pioneer of the gourmet doughnut, Bread Ahead has set up shop in London’s Borough Market selling little slices or should I say balls of heaven. These little beauties are stuffed with incredible fillings including creamy vanilla custard, indulgent chocolate, zesty lemon, heavenly honeycomb and of course the original homemade raspberry jam. Can I get a hell yeah?!

7. Thai Cooking Class – We Cook – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is famous for having one of the best cuisines in the world, from exotic street food to luxury dining experiences this country delivers on all levels. Want to get a taste of traditional Thai food? The best way has to be in a cooking class. ‘We Cook’ is a favorite in Chiang Mai where you can shop for your meal before learning to cook up a five course meal of classic Thai dishes. Get ready for a whole lot of fun, spring rolls, Pad Thai, curries, soups and mango sticky rice!

8. Aussie Barbie – Australia

After a long journey on the road travelers often find themselves craving a home cooked meal. Australia is the perfect place to enjoy a taste of home with a difference. Take a trip to the local supermarket and you’ll find the likes of kangaroo steaks, sizzling sausages and an array of Aussie seafood specialties, You can’t leave Oz without throwing a few shrimp on the barbie in the great outdoors!

9. Beignets & Coffee – Café Du Monde – New Orleans

Deep fried choux pastry or dough lavishly covered in powdered sugar. Need I say more? Beignets are a New Orleans Creole specialty and Café Du Monde is famous for making the world’s best. Served with a smooth and silky black coffee, café au lait or crushed ice frappe this is the first place to visit on a trip to New Orleans.

10. Fish & Chips – Fish Shop – Dublin

Fish and chips are an iconic dish across the UK & Ireland. Fish Shop has two locations in Dublin, one being a traditional fish and chip shop and the other a cool and quirky seafood restaurant. Both are tiny and both serve up food that is out of this world! All of the ingredients are locally sourced from Dublin’s shores and served up that evening. A new menu is created everyday so it’s always an exciting experience.

Got you drooling yet? These are just a handful of the best worldwide eats around the globe and there are so many more to taste. Head on a round the world trip now and start planning all your culinary quests!

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